Living Word Baptist Church

Founded March 25, 1988

The "birth" of Living Word Baptist Church was from the "conception" of a renewed emphasis on the Word of God. It came into being by a group of about fifty people who had a love for God's Word. The Church congregation first met at the home of Terry and Linda Hall in 1987. In March of 1988, the congregation began meeting at Rusty Powell's gym in Creedmoor and held services on Sunday mornings, Sunday evenings and on Wednesday evenings. Under the guidance of Rusty Powell, the body of believers chose the name "Living Word Baptist Church" because the people had such a genuine love for the Scripture.

As the membership of Living Word Baptist Church outgrew Rusty's Gym, they moved their services to the Sports Arena in Butner. In June of 1988, Terry Hall was called as Pastor of the church, and his wife Linda was our piano player. Pastor Terry Hall, Associate Pastor Rusty Powell and ordained deacons Dick Cash and Madison Currin, along with the congregation drafted its constitution to govern the body of believers according to the Word of God.

Original Building

Original Entrance

Original Sanctuary

Founded & Dedicated Sign

In 1990, Living Word Baptist Church purchased the land where it presently stands from the C.H. Middleton family and from Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Aiken. At any given time you could ride by the area and you would catch a glimpse of members walking the new ground or just looking at the place where the future building would stand.

Pastor Terry, Rusty, Dick and Madison set out to look for a building to be used for the church. The 10,000 foot multipurpose building was constructed with the help of all church members. Most of the electrical work was provided by Rusty, a licensed electrician, as well as Pastor Terry. Dennis Hockaday, a licensed plumber provided the plumbing work. Ladies of the church would provide breakfast and lunch for the men as well as coming to clean up the debris.

On Saturday, June 1, 1991, the congregation left the Sports Arena in Butner, marching to the current location of Living Word Baptist Church at 1155 Green Road, Creedmoor. Most of the members walked, while some of the elderly members rode in Pastor Terry's van. Memories of the walk, with all our kids walking along side of us were wonderful. After arriving at the new location, lunch was provided. The following Sunday, June 2, 1991 we began Sunday School and worship services at our present location at which time the church building was dedicated to the Lord.

In the spring of 2008, as the church continued to meet and worship the Lord, Deacon Madison Currin moved away and Jerry Middleton was affirmed as Deacon on April 30, 2008 to serve alongside Dick Cash.

In the fall of 2008 Living Word Baptist Church began a renovation program. The sanctuary was totally re-modeled including the baptistry, choir loft and offices. Also, new Sunday school rooms, a kitchen and fellowship hall were constructed. Our Harvest Day meal was held on November 8, 2008 and on November 11, 2008 we began meeting at the Day Care Center on East Lyon Station Road, where our church services would be held until completion of the renovation. We began our first service back at Living Word Baptist Church grounds on July 4, 2010. We held a re-dedication service to the Glory of God on July 11, 2010. Our special speaker was Dr. Terry Hall and a meal was served after the service.

Re-model Begins

Steeple Arrives

Placing of Steeple

New Entrance

Since the first gathering of Living Word Baptist Church many events have come and gone. Associate Pastor, Rev. Rusty Powell passed away on July 26, 1994. Linda Hall, our former pastor's wife and piano player, passed away on June 11, 2008. Deacon Dick Cash passed away on June 23, 2010 and Dennis Hockaday passed away on January 2, 2012. Jerry Middleton, our Deacon and music leader passed away on February 20, 2015. We have had many dedicated and precious members to enter into their eternal home in Heaven since the first meeting of Living Word Baptist Church; this is just to name a few.

Living Word Baptist Church was founded on the Word of God and has truly been blessed to have had God fearing and Bible believing pastors to have served God's Church.

Former PastorsDates Served
Rev. Rusty PowellMarch 1988—June 1988 (Interim Pastor)
 June 1988—July 1994 (Associate Pastor)
Dr. Terry HallJune 1988—September 2008
Rev. Wesley HolderNovember 2008—January 2014

Rev. Mike Vaughan was called to be the Pastor of Living Word Baptist Church on February 2, 2014 and currently serves as the under shepherd of the church.

A Deacon Installation Service was celebrated at Living Word Baptist Church on June 28, 2015. Brother Tony Smoak, a founding member, was installed to serve as Deacon. During the service Preacher Mike delivered a charge to Tony and to the Church on the Biblical principles of the Office of Deacon as found in I Timothy, Chapter 3. A time of prayer for Tony was shared by everyone. He was presented with a plaque and along with his wife Pam, they received gifts from the church. A reception followed the service in the fellowship hall.

Living Word Baptist Church celebrated a Deacon Ordination Service on January 20, 2019. Brother Jerry Clemmer was installed to serve as Deacon. The service began with music, prayer, and during this solemn time Preacher Mike delivered a charge to Jerry and to the Church on the Biblical principles of the Office of Deacon as found in I Timothy, Chapter 3. Following the message, Jerry was presented with a plaque and together with his wife Lou, the couple received gifts from the church. A reception continued in the fellowship hall.

New Sanctuary

Re-model Completed

Re-dedication Sign

It is the desire of Living Word Baptist Church to minister to all in our community and to be a witness to the power of God's Word in the lives of His people. The Church has been truly blessed and has prospered and has been an asset to the community and it has a vision of sharing and caring for all people from the cradle to the grave.