What We Believe


We believe the Holy Scriptures in the original writings to be the Infallible, Inerrant and Inspired Word of God. We believe the Word of God to be God breathed and the perfect and only authority of the Christian faith and conduct. We believe God has written His Word and by guidance and Godly living through the Holy Spirit that God will enlighten us to live our lives for Him.


We believe in a Triune God that is revealed in His Word as God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. All are the same and co-exist of the same Nature, Being, Glory, and Power.


We believe in the Deity of Jesus Christ who was perfect God and perfect man. We believe that Jesus was born of a virgin, led a sinless life, died in our stead and was buried and physically raised on the third day. We believe that He now reigns at the right hand of God in Heaven, ever interceding on behalf of those for whom He died.


We believe the Holy Spirit to be the Third Person and equal of the Godhead. It is by the work of the Holy Spirit that man is convicted of sin and is shown the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is by the Holy Spirit that man is brought into a new birth through regeneration in Jesus Christ. His work includes the sealing of the believers, along with teaching, sanctification and empowering the saints for service. While the believer may be filled often times with the Spirit, the Spirit is received at the moment of regeneration and there is no second act of receiving the Spirit.


We believe man was directly created by God in His own image and was not a product of any evolutionary process or effect. Man was created in a perfect environment and sinned by his own choice. His sin led to physical death and the spiritual ruin of man and made necessary the redeeming work of the Lord Jesus Christ. We also believe man is a sinner by nature and by choice.


We believe that the only way of salvation is through repentance and regeneration and this only through belief in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. We believe that man must repent of his sins, that is, to change his mind that he could somehow please God, and this repentance leads him to trust in Jesus Christ and His death, burial, and resurrection and accept Him as Lord and Savior. We believe that salvation is the sole work of the Triune God and that it is eternal.


We believe that baptism is by immersion only. While there is no saving grace in baptism we believe that immersion is the Biblical way and is a symbol of the believer's recognition of the death, burial, and resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

The Lord's Supper is the other ordinance given to the Church. It shows the Lord's death til He comes. We believe the bread is representative of the body given for us and the juice is representative of the precious blood shed for us. It is solely a reminder of what Christ did for man. There is no impartation of grace given to the believer at this observance.


We believe that the literal interpretation of the Bible plainly teaches a literal Heaven and a literal Hell. Heaven is the glorious place where God's saved will spend eternity with Him. All those through the ages that have rejected Him will spend eternity in Hell and eternal damnation.


We believe in the physical, personal and pre-millennial return of Christ in the air to catch away all the saints to be with Him. This includes the New Testament saints who are living and those New Testament saints that have died at the time of His glorious Coming. We believe that no new fulfillments in God's economy must happen and that His Coming is imminent. We solemnly believe that His Coming for His saints will precede the Tribulation period found in The Revelation. We believe that at the close of the Tribulation period of seven years Christ will establish His Kingdom on earth for a literal one thousand years. This will fulfill the promises and prophecies in the Holy Scriptures concerning the Nation Israel.


We believe that Sunday, the first day of the week to be the Lord's Day. It was the day our Savior was bodily resurrected to show His power and victory over sin and death. We believe that while every day should be dedicated to God and His Son and The Holy Spirit, Sunday is a special day set aside by the Church. We come together on this day to praise and worship our Heavenly Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We should not "forsake the assembling of ourselves" and be faithful in our attendance to God's House.


While this list is in no way conclusive or exhaustive, these are our core beliefs. The Bible speaks on many other themes such as service, stewardship, evangelism and missions and many more. This list hopefully shows that this Church is committed to proving that the Church is founded and sustained on a solid belief on the Inspired, Inerrant and Infallible Word of God.